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Recent Commissions

I often get asked… ‘Do you paint furniture for people?’ ie, items that people already own. The answer is YES, I do!

It’s been a busy start to the year and here are some pictures of finished projects, which might help to inspire you if you fancy making any decorative changes to your home this Spring.

Mirror Black to Dove
A black plastic shiny mirror, given a more sophisticated look with our soft Dove Grey

If you’d like to commission an item or get an idea of cost, please contact me on 07776 182079 or email

It helps to have a photo of the item and also measurements.

If you’d like to learn how to do something like this yourself, contact me about upcoming workshop dates or follow me via facebook/shelleschic

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Painting Plant Pots

If you’ve ever fancied trying Vintro Chalk Paint, I can highly recommend¬†this little project to get you started. It’s cheap, quick and very satisfying, especially at this time of year!

Most of us have some old, worn terracotta pots in our back garden and if not, you can buy them in all sizes from garden centres from as little as 60p.

I’ve just moved house (in case this escaped you!) and I found several medium sized plain pots in the garden which I thought could do with jazzing up.

Any old pot will do. Vintro will go on just about anything.

Vintro Chalk Paint is incredibly easy to use and can be applied to just about anything, ceramics being one of them. It goes on like a dream and dries quickly. A thin coat will take just 15-20mins, a thicker one 30-40. It’s also VOC free and is therefore safe for kids to use, plus it’s water soluble and so comes off fingers and paint brushes using just soapy water.

Poppy, by Vintro

This stunning colour is called Poppy. A tester pot is just £5.95 and will cover 2 square metres.

My pot needed two coats for a good thick coverage, plus a layer of Extreme Lacquer for extra protection outside. Et voila!

The end result!

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