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How Much is Not Enough?

I thought I’d write a piece on price points for upcycled furniture. So many people are now painting and selling second hand items, either to make some pocket money, or in my case, to make a living. But how much should we charge customers for our products?

Untitled design (5)

In recent years the number of people ‘doing up’ old furniture has sky rocketed and so, if I’m honest, the market has become over saturated. It’s not as special or niche as it once was and there are lots of positive and negative effects as a result:

The Good

  • Chalk Paint brands are thriving – they sell to stockists, amateur painters and occasional painters who just want to do up their own furniture once in a while.
  • Stockists are in turn selling more paint
  • Less furniture is being thrown out, which is also fantastic for the environment
  • Second hand/charity furniture shops benefit
  • Upcycling can save people a lot of money compared to buying new

Upcycled Girl's Bedroom Set in Vintro Amethyst at Shelles Chic

The Not So Good

  • Painted furniture has become more commonplace and less unique
  • The competition is stronger – for everyone
  • Casual painters or people who have access to free second hand furniture are underpricing their work, thereby doing themselves and more experienced painters a disservice
  • Underpricing painted furniture cheapens the concept and the work involved for all painters, everywhere

Here’s what I mean by the last point:

Jane has been painting for years and has bought a chest of drawers for £30. She paints  with expertise, using high quality products and prices it to sell at £95. Kate has just started painting as a hobby and acquires a similar chest of drawers. Because she hasn’t had to pay for it, she paints it and prices it to sell at £40. Kate just wants to sell her piece quickly, but hasn’t taken into account the actual value of the item, the paint, brushes and other products she has used, or the time it has taken her to do it. The outcome? Kate has not only undersold her time and effort, but she’s also lowering the price points for every other painter out there.

Meanwhile, Jane’s chest of drawers is proving harder to sell, despite the fact it’s a lovely, piece of furniture that has been painted with years of skill and would cost considerably more if it were brand new.

Regardless of what someone’s perception of second hand furniture is, it is still a business and a livelihood for many people out there. They have bought/acquired something, transported it, stored it, cleaned it, painted it, possibly used stencils/mouldings, photographed it and marketed it. They have invariably spent money on the item in terms of fuel, storage space, cleaning products, paint, brushes and finishing products. They may have rent and electricity bills. They may have paid to advertise their wares.

Drawers in Mini

So, if you’re a painter, please think carefully before selling something on which you’ve spent time, effort and passion, for peanuts.

If you’re not a painter, I hope this is a useful insight into the process and pricing of upcycled furniture and why it should never be sold for peanuts.


Happy (not so) New Year…

Apologies for not posting on here for a while… There are two reasons I haven’t posted for a while:

  1. I’ve moved house twice so far this year whilst we’re having our old house rebuilt. Yes, 100% demolished and we currently have new walls going up!
  2. I will soon be launching a new website where you can more clearly read about my business, services and home interiors shop.

Here is a little glimpse of how things are going to look. I will be having a relaunch in Spring, just in time for all those exciting DIY and home improvement plans! So whether you’re sprucing up your decor, thinking about a furniture makeover or looking for beautiful new accessories to add the wow factor to your home, watch this space!

Shelle's Chic



Before… and After!

I like to inspire people to paint as much as possible.

Customers often tell me they struggle to imagine what something might look like painted, or don’t consider themselves creative enough to even consider a furniture transformation.

So… Here is a small selection of my projects – Before and After – to get those creative juices flowing!


An Idiot’s Guide to Chalk Paint

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Being Brave with Colour


Kitchen Makeover

What do you do when you’re fed up with your kitchen, but don’t want to spend thousands of pounds on a new one..?

Paint it!

Vintro Chalk Paint is suitable for all kitchen surfaces, namely cupboards, laminate and tiles and is available in lots of beautiful colours, no matter what your taste.

The owners of this large, modern but tired kitchen wanted a fresh, stylish new look.


They chose Pebble – a stunning oatmeal/taupe neutral – for their cupboards and radiator cover. They then decided to use Supreme Matt Emulsion in ‘Pearl’ for their walls, including the feature wall which previously had black and leaf design wallpaper. And here are the full results.




A wonderful illustration of how Vintro Chalk Paint can be used to transform your furniture and your home…

  • Adheres to any clean surface with no preparation required
  • Low odour
  • Virtually VOC free
  • Dries quickly
  • Wash hands and brushes with warm soapy water – no harsh chemicals
  • Vintro Extreme Lacquer provides the ultimate durability
  • Supreme Matt Emulsion is wipeable and suitable for all rooms including kitchens and bathrooms

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It’s Mellow Yellow

It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but yellow is BIG in interiors this year..

It’s popping up all over the place and I have seen some absolutely gorgeous furniture and accessories.

Remember, yellow is a happy colour and is proven to have a positive affect on your mood. So why not bring some sunshine into your home?

Still not sure? Here are some of my favourites – you may just change your mind…

Fern & Grey, Lula Chair, £279


What’s not to love about this chair? Especially as it’s currently reduced from £400.
Buy it here.


Made, Prism Mustard and Grey Bedset, from £35


Yellow and grey is a match made in heaven.
Buy it here.


IKEA, Stockholm Bedside Table, £70


Stylish, practical and a bit of sunshine for your bedroom.
Buy it here.


Oliver Bonas, Picture Frame, £12


Add a small pop of colour with accessories such as this beautiful photo frame.
Buy it here.


John Lewis, Orla Kiely Hen Cushion, £35


Brighten up your sofa, armchair or bed with this chirpy cushion.
Buy it here.


Perch & Parrow, Charlotte Throw, £145


Keep warm with this gorgeous throw or use it decoratively on your bed or sofa.
Buy it here.


IKEA, Stockholm Rug, £160


Simple but stunning this moroccan patterned rug would look fantastic in any room.
Buy it here.


Argos, Heart of House Knitted Pod, £31.99


Use as a footstool or a handy extra place to sit, this knitted pod is bright and beautiful.
Buy it here.


If you’re still not convinced, check out this year’s other colour trends

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What Colour Are You?

As fashionistas are excited about which trends will be hitting the high street in 2017, interiors and homeware brands are also ready to launch new collections, colours and styles.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m not one for overhauling my entire wardrobe every year, let alone every season. I can’t afford it and neither would I want to throw out my old favourites.

However, new things will always catch our eye and there’s nothing like jazzing up an outfit you already have with a new bag, maybe a scarf, or some cheap and cheerful jewellery.

Furniture is no different. Most of us wouldn’t dream of redecorating our homes, or replacing the three piece suite, on a whim. But this doesn’t mean you can’t spruce things up or have a facelift.

According to an article from Elle Decor, this year’s range of colours all pick up on personality traits. Confidence, Composure and Comfort are the main drivers with sunshine filled yellows, peaceful blues and greens and charcoal greys. Pink and orange are those essential accent colours to break things up.

Add sunshine to any room with Vintro’s fabulous Sunflower
Sophisticated and composed… French Navy
Bold and beautiful, Nightfall

With this in mind, why not take a look at the Vintro colour chart and think about ways you could jazz up an old piece of furniture or introduce a new colour scheme to add the wow factor to a dreary room?

Almost all Vintro colours* are available in Supreme Matt Emulsion which is suitable for walls and ceilings in any room. If you can’t see the colour you’re looking for, they mix exceptionally well. Contact your local stockist for help and advice.

*Citron and Chocolate are not available in Supreme Matt Emulsion. There isn’t much call for fluorescent yellow or brown…

See all 45 colours in the Vintro range

Chalk paint: The Idiot’s Guide

Ideas for upcycling old furniture



In The Navy

Vintro Chalk Paint are offering something no other Chalk Paint brand do and that is a FREE sample pot with every hand-painted colour chart purchased, at just £2.50.


You may say “but surely colour charts are free?” Unfortunately, most chalk paint manufacturers have to charge a small amount for these charts, because producing them costs money. Larger, more prolific brands like Crown and Dulux can churn them out for free because the production cost, for them, is a drop in the ocean.

So. Back to our free sample pot, which is the stunning French Navy, one of Vintro’s most popular colours – not just in furniture paint but also in their Supreme Matt Emulsion for walls and ceilings.


I’ve recently sold two items done in this colour in quick succession, so I thought I’d show you how fabulous it is.

Painting with French Navy is like dressing something in a posh suit. It’s smart and sophisticated. It’s a fantastic alternative to grey or black if you want something bold but a bit different.

I found this fantastic solid wood Scandi style bench and decided to paint just the top, in French Navy. The legs looked great as they were.

French Navy Sold Wood Bench, £59

The gold handles and trim on this little 1970s cabinet look brilliant against dark blue.

French Navy Retro Cabinet, £70

This wardrobe wasn’t mine but something I was asked to paint for a friend, who was furnishing a rental property and didn’t want to spend a fortune on new stuff.


Again, what was once a pretty boring piece of furniture was transformed by the French Navy, complimenting the 70’s gold handles and simple lines.

If you fancy giving it a try and would like to order a colour chart and free 30ml sample pot, get in touch with me at Postage is £3.00 or you can pop into my shop at Chilvers Coton Craft Centre in Nuneaton, Warwickshire.

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