Workshop Dates – End of May and June

Wed 23 May, 1.30pm – 4pm
Fri 25 May, 1.30pm – 4pm
Thu 31 May, 10.30am – 1pm
Sat 2 Jun, 10.30am – 1pm
Wed 6 Jun, 1.30pm – 4pm
Sun 10 Jun, 10am – 12.30pm
Thu 14 Jun, 1pm – 3.30pm

Call 07776 182079 or email shelleschic@gmail.com to book. A £10 deposit is required to secure your place. If you find yourself unable to attend, please contact me no later than 24 hours before the class and we can reschedule your session at no extra cost.

For more information about my workshops please go to the Workshops page.

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Just Arrived…

Summer has FINALLY arrived and now’s the time to make your outdoor space barbecue and party ready!

Add pretty lanterns, planters and zero maintenance artificial flowers and greenery to brighten up or cosy down your garden, patio or conservatory.

Check out my new arrivals with prices starting at just £2.50.

Shelle’s Chic is open Tuesday to Saturday, 10am to 4pm at Chilvers Coton Craft Centre, Avenue Road, Nuneaton, CV11 4LU.

Tel: 07776 182079
Facebook: www.facebook.com/shelleschic

Outdoor Home Accessories at Shelle's Chic

All items are available to reserve and collect within 48 hours. Local delivery is FREE on purchases over £20.

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Colour Your Outdoors

Summer is just around the corner (despite the games the weather has been playing lately!) so why not give some of your garden furniture or plant pots a revival with Vinto Luxury Chalk Paint?

These standard terracotta pots have been painted in Belladonna, Pumpkin and Valentine and coated in Extreme Lacquer, making them waterproof and ready for the great outdoors!


Painted Plant Pots Vintro Chalk Paint Shelle's Chic

A 500ml tin of Extreme Lacquer goes a very long way (covers up to 10sqm) and costs just £14.95.

125ml tins of Chalk Paint, available in over 60 glorious colours, are just £5.95.

Browse the full range of Vintro Colours

Get Started with my Chalk Paint Guide for Beginners

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How Much is Not Enough?

I thought I’d write a piece on price points for upcycled furniture. So many people are now painting and selling second hand items, either to make some pocket money, or in my case, to make a living. But how much should we charge customers for our products?

Untitled design (5)

In recent years the number of people ‘doing up’ old furniture has sky rocketed and so, if I’m honest, the market has become over saturated. It’s not as special or niche as it once was and there are lots of positive and negative effects as a result:

The Good

  • Chalk Paint brands are thriving – they sell to stockists, amateur painters and occasional painters who just want to do up their own furniture once in a while.
  • Stockists are in turn selling more paint
  • Less furniture is being thrown out, which is also fantastic for the environment
  • Second hand/charity furniture shops benefit
  • Upcycling can save people a lot of money compared to buying new

Upcycled Girl's Bedroom Set in Vintro Amethyst at Shelles Chic

The Not So Good

  • Painted furniture has become more commonplace and less unique
  • The competition is stronger – for everyone
  • Casual painters or people who have access to free second hand furniture are underpricing their work, thereby doing themselves and more experienced painters a disservice
  • Underpricing painted furniture cheapens the concept and the work involved for all painters, everywhere

Here’s what I mean by the last point:

Jane has been painting for years and has bought a chest of drawers for £30. She paints  with expertise, using high quality products and prices it to sell at £95. Kate has just started painting as a hobby and acquires a similar chest of drawers. Because she hasn’t had to pay for it, she paints it and prices it to sell at £40. Kate just wants to sell her piece quickly, but hasn’t taken into account the actual value of the item, the paint, brushes and other products she has used, or the time it has taken her to do it. The outcome? Kate has not only undersold her time and effort, but she’s also lowering the price points for every other painter out there.

Meanwhile, Jane’s chest of drawers is proving harder to sell, despite the fact it’s a lovely, piece of furniture that has been painted with years of skill and would cost considerably more if it were brand new.

Regardless of what someone’s perception of second hand furniture is, it is still a business and a livelihood for many people out there. They have bought/acquired something, transported it, stored it, cleaned it, painted it, possibly used stencils/mouldings, photographed it and marketed it. They have invariably spent money on the item in terms of fuel, storage space, cleaning products, paint, brushes and finishing products. They may have rent and electricity bills. They may have paid to advertise their wares.

Drawers in Mini

So, if you’re a painter, please think carefully before selling something on which you’ve spent time, effort and passion, for peanuts.

If you’re not a painter, I hope this is a useful insight into the process and pricing of upcycled furniture and why it should never be sold for peanuts.


Just Arrived…!

From angel wings to bookends to French style postcard canvases, Shelle’s Chic enjoys finding beautiful, eclectic home accessories and gifts for all tastes and budgets.

Pop in and browse or contact me for availability. Local delivery is FREE for purchases of £20 and over.

Keep an eye on new arrivals, special offers and more by following me on Facebook www.facebook.com/shelleschic

My shop is at Unit 3, Chilvers Coton Craft Centre, Avenue Road, Nuneaton CV11 4LU. Open Tuesday to Saturday, 10am to 4pm.

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Recent Commissions

I often get asked… ‘Do you paint furniture for people?’ ie, items that people already own. The answer is YES, I do!

It’s been a busy start to the year and here are some pictures of finished projects, which might help to inspire you if you fancy making any decorative changes to your home this Spring.

Mirror Black to Dove
A black plastic shiny mirror, given a more sophisticated look with our soft Dove Grey

If you’d like to commission an item or get an idea of cost, please contact me on 07776 182079 or email shelleschic@gmail.com

It helps to have a photo of the item and also measurements.

If you’d like to learn how to do something like this yourself, contact me about upcoming workshop dates or follow me via facebook/shelleschic

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12 NEW Colours!

Vintro Luxury Paint have just introduced 12 fabulous new colours to their range and here they are! With a combination of subtle classics and vibrant primary colours, now there’s even more choice when it comes to picking a new colour scheme or matching furniture to existing decor.


To check availability feel free to contact me via email, Facebook or telephone. I have most of Vintro’s colours in stock; orders placed before midday will arrive the next business day.

E: shelleschic@gmail.com
F: http://www.facebook.com/shelleschic
T: 07776 182079

125ml tins are £5.95 and 1L tins are £18.95. A small tin will paint a chair or small table. A large tin will paint two welsh dressers or a dining table and 6-8 chairs. A little goes A LONG WAY and the coverage is superb.

Never used Chalk Paint? Here’s my Easy Guide

Painting Hints & Tips A-Z

Visit the official Vintro website