A Good Start

I’m happy to report that since opening my shop I have been too busy to write any updates!

But after three weeks, I thought it was about time, so here I am.

I won’t lie, August was not the best month to open a shop. It’s holiday season, the Craft Centre is next door to a primary school and relies a great deal on footfall from mums and dads. Additionally our café has been closed for two weeks for a refurbishment.


School holidays are almost over AND the café reopened on Thursday last week. After a fantastic first day – the sun shone and the terrace was full of people enjoying a drink under dazzling blue skies – the girls were actually turning people away on the Friday, because there were no free tables!

Some cyclists were among Rhubarb & Mustard’s first customers.

We’re thrilled to bits for them and needless to say, this can only have a positive effect on our businesses.

In the meantime, I’ve had several commissions and paint sales aren’t bad, considering not many people know I’m here yet!

Amethyst Barley Twist Table C
A beautiful Barley Twist table, commissioned by a customer who wanted something small and lilac for her lounge!

There are several fantastic second hand furniture shops in Nuneaton and surrounding areas, and a couple of the shop managers have been telling their customers about me, which is brilliant.

My shop is pretty tiny so I’m also building up stocks of smaller items. It’s the perfect way of having a play with different colours, plus gift-buying season is just around the corner… (I refuse to mention the C word just yet 😉

Blue Jewellery Box
A pretty little vintage style jewellery box painted in ‘Morocco’ with flowers in ‘Olivia’.

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