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Moving: Part II

We’ve been in the house one week and one day and I won’t lie to you; there have been far too many boxes in my life.

But they are now ALL unpacked. Woo hooooo!

Our ‘new’ house was built after the Second World War, in 1947. We’ve lived in older places; our rental property was a 1930’s semi and when I was married I lived in a stunning barn conversion which dated back to 1872 – but was, of course, fully refurbished and essentially brand spanking new.

So as well as unpacking boxes and doing my best to freshen things up, I’ve had to squeeze our kitchen food/crockery/glasses into a kitchen that’s half the size of the old one, bathroom items in a room one third the size of the old one, place books and photos and ornaments in rooms with no shelves or windowsills and organise our clothes when we can’t fit our wardrobes up the narrow stairwell and don’t yet own a chest of drawers.

The stairs. A health hazard in many ways (not least to the eyes) and too narrow for our wardrobes.

Moving was, to say the least, a challenge. Read my previous article ‘Moving!’ for more details about the whole experience. I’m not going to write a ‘Tips For Moving House’ post because there are loads out there already. But. I will highlight a couple of things, just in case you’re looking for a new pad or are in the process of buying/renting a new place right now:

  1. You can NEVER start packing too early. Whatever you don’t need to live, whatever is decorative or isn’t essential in your day-to-day, PACK IT NOW. I learnt the hard way that by leaving this photo and that steamer and those jumpers out until the last minute, life was made significantly more difficult than if I’d have just boxed them up weeks before.
  2. Get boxes. Lots of boxes. And bubbles or some other type of wrap. You can’t have enough of the stuff. When you think you’ve packed everything, you will probably still need another five. Probably more.
  3. Plan ahead in terms of the last day. Keep a special box for your kettle, some cups, tea, coffee and spoons, so that wherever you are you can still have a precious hot cup of something to keep you going at either end. Also, keep cleaning items at hand, because, if you’re like me, you like to leave things clean for the next people and (unfortunately) your new abode may not be quite as clean as you’d like. We arrived to 30-year-old unhoovered carpets, kitchen cupboards filled with crumbs, wardrobes covered in dust and cobwebs. Not ideal.
Cracked wardrobe
The only built-in wardrobes: Dirty, small and with cracked mirrors. But better than nothing at the moment!

Those are the three things I took away from my move and I hope they may be handy points for you. Unless you’re ridiculously organised, in which case you may well scoff at my lack of preparation! I would like to point out that I started packing – and getting rid of unwanted items – two months beforehand. But it still wasn’t enough. As I unpack and organise in the new pad, I continue to declutter and wonder why I didn’t get rid of this stuff ages ago.

But, I might still use that…

Moving! (Part I)

Read my article on Decluttering



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