So, after five long months my boyfriend and I have FINALLY moved into our new house. Woo hoo!!

Forever Home Day1
The Forever Home

But it was FAR from being the simple process we thought it was going to be…

There was no chain either side so were (rather optimistically) convinced the sale would go through in a matter of weeks. But no.

After overcoming a few minor obstacles in the first couple of months, we were nearing completion in May and, being as our new pad was just around the corner from our rented property, we didn’t have to pack everything. We would just do a few trips back and forth in my boyfriend’s van and the job would be done.

Forever Home Garden Day 1
Our beautiful but somewhat overgrown garden…

However. We were leaving for a six night holiday to Ibiza on the 8th June and a few days prior, it was clear we weren’t going to complete by then. There were new tenants moving into our rented property while we were away and so we had to be out, regardless of whether we had a new home to go to or not.

Instead of the hassle-free plan we had envisaged, we now had to find somewhere to put all our belongings – including all my painted furniture. We had to carefully pack every last morsel of what we owned AND get ready for our holiday AND make sure the house was spotless for ‘check out’.

To say the 72 hours before we left for Ibiza were stressful is something of an understatement. Considering I had started putting things like ornaments, picture frames and books in boxes back in April, there was still SO MUCH TO DO. How is it that most of us don’t realise how much stuff we have? Every time I thought we were nearly done I’d turn around and there was something else to pack, recycle or donate to charity (because I refuse to throw away anything I believe could be of use to someone else). My BF loves this about me. Not.

Anyway, I could go on and on. But in the end our things ended up at my boyfriend’s work, his mum’s house and his friend’s garage. He had to organise it all because I haven’t lived in the Midlands very long and therefore had no one to ask for space.

After a very stressful three days, we headed off on holiday, telling the estate agent and the solicitors that we wanted to complete the day after we returned.

Obligatory holiday snap: Sol Beach House Hotel, Santa Eulalia, Ibiza

But the seller’s solicitor refused to complete until Friday so we got back on Wednesday and were temporarily homeless, staying at the BF’s mum’s when she threatened to kick off if we went to a hotel. Bless her.

And then. After two days of wandering aimlessly and piggy-backing on other people’s WiFi to pass the time, it was Friday.

And at 2pm we got the keys.

And after hours of fetching our things from various locations, lugging boxes, armfuls of clothing, sofas, beds, lamps, pans, books, paint, televisions, non-perishable food items and the washing machine into the new pad, we closed the door, sat down in the living room with the TV on, a Dominos takeaway and a glass of wine. And it was bliss 🙂

More to come on moving and the FHRP – that’s ‘Forever Home Renovation Project’ – very soon!

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2 thoughts on “Moving!

  1. Ahhh many congratulations indeed, now you’re in the stress will all be but a distant memory 😃😃 enjoy toots xxx


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