About Me

Where it all began…

I stumbled upon my love for upcycling furniture purely by chance. I’d moved into a new flat and was looking for a lamp for my bedroom. Something wooden. Something with charm. I scoured all the usual places and couldn’t find anything suitable – at least, nothing that didn’t cost a small fortune. And then it occurred to me… Buy something old and paint it.

And this is what happened:

My lamp after

My lamp before

Once I discovered Chalk Paint,  there was no stopping me and I decided to start buying old, unwanted pieces of furniture and doing them up. Giving them a new lease of life.

I set up my own mini business selling my work and called it Shelle’s Chic. And now I’m also indulging a long-standing passion for interior decor by writing about it and sharing ideas on how to create a beautiful home.

So, I wish you a warm welcome!

For ideas and inspiration on how to spruce up your decor, just have a browse through my website. And if I can help out in any way, please get in touch via my Facebook page.


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